The Children of an Endless Dream 1970 - 2020 -
The Children of an Endless Dream 1970 - 2020 -

The Children of an Endless Dream 1970 - 2020


An effort to capture the sociocultural identity of Ios Island, Greece through the eyes of locals & original hippies who lived during the peace, love & music revolution.

2022 Award Winner:

• South Film and Arts Academy Festival

• Indie Short Fest

• New York International Film Awards - NYIFA

Directed by Aris Katsigiannis

Cinematography by Giannis Michelopoulos

Assistant Director: Aris Ziotopoulos

Written by Tilemahos Katsigiannis

Head of Production: Elena Domazaki

Creative Director: Tasos Filippou

Produced by FarOut Hospitality

Camera Assistant: Fotis Zaminos

Field Recorder: Christopher Nas

Edited by Tilemahos Katsigiannis

Sound Designer: Christopher Nas

BTS Photography: Mr.Crop

Opening Voice Actress: Elena Delakoura

Voice Narrator: Victor Koundourakis

Title design and graphics Thanos Bellis

Narration: Elena Domazaki

Translator: Joanna Trafalis

Vfx Editor: Vasilis Mantzoros

Subtitles: Paris Hlv


Lambi Lentakis

Stratos FarOut

Andreas Muller

Makis Mykoniatis

Mimis Mykoniatis

Christos Mykoniatis

Michel Aeroloop

Rene Schwarzgruber

Giorgos Mersinis

Will Sparks

Jane the random hiker

Eleni Tasiakou

Dimitris Xaros

Stelios Paximadas

Tsobanis Gkikas

Stavros Kypraios

Hlias Elisaios

Businesses that supported us:

Museum of Gaitis

Mosenta Traditional Local Products

Diaseli Traditional Cheese Factory & Museum

To Niotiko Traditional Cheese Factory

The Nest Taverna


Life is a beach party

Octopus Tree

O Thodoras Taverna

Moonlight Cafe

Cantina Del Mar

Ios Island @ios_island

Ios Club

Lost boys

Traffic Bar

Circus Bar

Jar Bar

Johnnys Electric Bar

Slammer Bar

Shush Silent Disco

Kafeneio H NIOS

Meltemi Watersports

Cannabios Island

Sweet Irish Dream


Lotus Bar

Bank Bar

Flames Bar

Fun Pub

Disco 69

Bulldog Bar


Baru Bar

Astra Bar


People that helped us:

Allan Duncan

Gabriel Akerman

Giannis Denaxas

Cody Bramwell

Johnny Gerontakis

Agent Greg


Andreas Manousakis

Iris Pouseou

Giorgos Pouseos

Todd Van Berkel

Michael Bouloubasis

George Pothitos

Giannis Pothitos

Evangelia Kontonikoli (Mosenta Grandma)

Victor Muca

Pete Byrne

Steve Diaz

Joanna Cave

Reece Curran

Susann Hermann

A big thank you to Margaret Drot for allowing us to film in the periphery of Jean Marie Drot’s house.

A special thank you to the FarOut Ios & Hard Rock Veterans Facebook page

Content contributors:


Bam SFX (Jan Kurmanowski + George Buckleton)

Andreas Muller

Luca Epifani

Jimi Drosinos

original disco song by Ermis

This movie is dedicated to all the beautiful people who have been pouring out their hearts & souls each summer to welcome people from all around the world.

To all precious grandmas who have been opening their hearts and homes to strangers. The ones who manage to define greek PHILOXENIA globally.

In the loving memory of Grandma Evangelia Kontonikoli (1926 - 2022) who passed away before our premiere.